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Season 2

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Episode 1

This season starts at Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area. Lots of quiet shots of nature as I hike along the trail. We end up at Pharaoh Lake Brook for some late season photos of a serene brook with plenty of green trees and moss. 

Season 1

Episode 1

A rainy day photo excursion to Spuytenduivel Brook near Brant Lake, NY. In this episode I come away with three photos worth sharing. It was a WET day but not a person in sight and a very peaceful day in the woods

Episode 2

Here is Burnt Pond Brook in Chestertown, NY in the Adirondack Park a great spot to look for small waterfalls. I had a couple of hours to explore the banks of this brook after 3 days of solid rain and I knew the water would be running. It was a great time with sun, rain, fog, and back to sun.

Episode 3

Here we take a walk along Mill Creek and Glen Brook in the Adirondack Park. We have lots of snow and ice with some frustrations and failure, but end up with a few good shots. The hiking is through some thick snow covering slick ice.

Episode 4

On our Peaked Mt Brook Photowalk we come away with a couple of photos but the experience was truly an Adirondack Winter adventure. Lots of snow, ice, wind, and cold!

Episode 5

In our 5th Episode we travel around Northwest Bay in the Lake George Region in search of moving water. After a few days of rain and a ton of snow melt we were not disappointed.

Episode 6

In this episode we take a snowy walk along Deer Creek in Minerva NY inside the Adirondack Park. I was looking to create some Black & White images and came home with 7 shots and a couple keepers. 

Episode 7

For the Final day of 2018 I took a relaxing walk along Spuytenduivel Brook. The water was moving nicely and the sun was poking through the trees creating wonderful light. Happy New Year and I look forward to getting back out and making more videos in '19!

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