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Eric D. Potter

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A Portrait of YOU

A Portrait is all about YOU. Our photographer starts with YOU, shoots YOU, and ends up with YOU on a print. We get to know who you are and create a photo that represents that. We specialize in environment portraits, which means we shoot outside doing what you like to do or at a location that you choose or at your house where you feel at home and comfortable. We understand that getting your photo taken may not be the easiest thing so we guarantee you will be comfortable and at ease. Our goal is to give you a photo or group of photos that you  love but in the process we make sure everyone involved is having a fun time.

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If you are an Executive you need a Professional Headshot. Headshots can be used for many different situations including, Press Releases, Articles on your business, Websites, and Email Signatures, It is also a popular practice to have Headshots on the walls of your business for your clients to see while they wait for that next big meeting.


   Professional Photos of your building or property are fantastic for use in advertising, to place in your waiting area, and for your websites including Social sites like Facebook and Google which every business needs in this modern day. We will work with you to create the image you desire. We will take photos in daylight, moonlight, and in all seasons to get the image you are looking for for the right time of year. We will also create custom "Cover Photos" for Facebook and Google to give your Social Media presence a professional feel.

Commercial Photography

Your Building

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